First adventure

The party was brought together by Papa, an alchemist who fells a need to collect people together to be a force for good, and you were given a home above his shop. on the second of Highsun, in the center of Toxer, a job notice was posted for adventurers. A town on the southwest coast, just on the edge of the Fire Forest by the name of Seaswell had pirate trouble.

You traveled for seven days down to Seaswell (and were nearly slaughtered by four centipedes!!!). From Seaswell you traveled anther day along a peninsula to a lighthouse. Here you discovered that a band of pirates had killed the lighthouse keeper and her family and had constructed another lighthouse placed so as to lure ships to crash on the rocks. The band of pirates would then have easy pickings. You dispatched the pirates (the lead pirate got away) and discovered a strange mirror among her treasures. The metal frame of the mirror had streaks of red that flowed like blood when the mirror was moved around. When you looked into the mirror a set of eyes other than your own looked back. The eyes glowed green. After a short conversation, a hand emerged from the mirror and smashed it. You returned to Seaswell, got some reward, and then traveled back to Toxer.


hornma hornma

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