Getting into a Book

You gathered your things together and got hired to go up and down the river on the raft as protection. The four-day trip upriver to Icy Pass Falls was uneventful.

In Icy Pass Falls you quickly find your way to the bookstore (the Dusty Shelf) and go in. There, in a display of fabulously bad luck, you end up falling into a book.

This book, you later learn is called Treacin’s Text, and it works something like this. Every “page” represents a scenario in a unique setting. On that page you had to find an odd creature called Boggle, and then you would enter the next page. Each scenario gave you a clue that was then used in the final scenario. You fought orcs on an icy shore, fought undead in an abandoned ziggurat, battled tasloi in a jungle, and finally fought modrons in an alien temple. At the center of this temple you solved several puzzles that set you free from the book.

Once free from the book, you got the book the treasure the djinn promised, a book as payment for the sages of Hightower, and left. On thr trip back you were attacked by goblins, but you fought them off and safely returned to Toxer.


hornma hornma

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