Hightower trip

You gathered your things together and traveled to Hightower. This involved a raft trip through the wetlands to Floatmeet, and then hiring a ship to take you to Tol Dun. This was all uneventful. In Tol Dun, you hired a guide to take you to Hightower. (It’s something of a cottage industry in Tol Dun since there isn’t a proper road to Hightower.) The guide’s name was Pig, and the name fit.

On the way there, a thunderstorm rolled in and: (1) Pig was struck by lightning and instantly killed, and (2) you were forced to take shelter in a small cave in a nearby tor.

You discovered this tor was the burial mound of a bugbear king. You fought the baddies there and came out with a few notable goodies: a ring of translation, a belt of lifting, and a headband of iron will.

Later, you made it to Hightower, and discovered you mirror is made of demonsteel. Some demonsteel is now found in treasure hoards around the world, but finding two demonsteel mirrors with the same eyes looking out of them is certainly not a coincidence. They didn’t know what it meant, but they were sure it meant something.


hornma hornma

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