Mad Millie

Papa examined the mirror frame and thought it was something that the sages of Hightower might understand. But a consultation with the sages has a cost. The cost is one book, and there is no bookstore in Toxer. The nearest bookstore is in Icy Pass Falls, so you planned to travel by river raft up there.

However, the night before you were planning to go, a local madwoman known as Mad Millie accosted you and blew some unknown powder into your face. That night, you had a collective group dream and together entered Dreamscape. Millie was there with you and together she showed you an interesting stone sphere that she called the Pool Ball. Together there you found a group of some degenerate humanoids (that appeared rather demonic) emerging from one color pool and passing into another. You figured out how it works, and by successfully freeing a djinn, you thwarted the plans of whoever was trafficking in those demon-like things. You don’t know whose plans you thwarted, but you did see another of the mirrors with an odd bloody frame. The green eyes looked back at you, and declared you to be officially “a bother.” A hand emerged from the mirror, and smashed the glass, just like before. The djinn, in thanks for his freedom, told you of a treasure he has stored in a book in Icy Pass Falls, which just so happens to be where you were going before you woke up in Dreamscape.

You left the Pool Ball to and found several giants, that bludgeoned you to death. You woke up in your beds.


hornma hornma

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