necromancer's home

So on 30 Freezing you set out for the duergar necromancer’s place. On the way there you met a little fey-looking creature named Heziz who said that he had been the necromancer’s familiar and had been locked in the collapsed home until a group of goblins had expanded some nearby caves and burrowed in and found him. The goblin leader had already bound him not to escape and was going to make him her familiar. He did not want to be the familiar of an untalented goblin, so he claimed there was a way to the surface, and there was fabulous wealth, inside.

You successfully defeated the small goblin tribe in the outer set of recently dug caves, gaining a magical pick for your troubles. But inside the necromancer’s actual stronghold you had run into a dragon skeleton and impish creature that had bested you. After several tries you destroyed the dragon and drove off the imp. Sadly, however, there were no exits to the surface; the duergar had collapsed them.

So the only way out is to follow the drum’s path, from Whurnore to Thoduum. Bummer.


hornma hornma

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