Silver Sword

The return from Hightower to Tol Dun and then on to Floatmeet was uneventful. But in the one night you need to stay in Floatmeet 17 Freezing a halfling named Jeedelar introduced himself and asked to hire you to retrieve something that belonged to his master. To meet his master you had to go with him to Dreamscape.

You agreed, and after performing a ritual, you were there. Jeedelar directed you and you eventually found yourselves in front of a ship of some sort. You entered and found a githyanki woman named Cepsis waiting for you. She wanted you to retrieve a silver sword that she said was an heirloom of her family. Pirates camped in Floatmeet were holding it. She gave you a rough layout of their ship, instructions where you could meet Jeedelar, and you agreed to do it.

You returned to Floatmeet, and following Cepsis’ directions, you fought your way onto the ship and discovered the sword wasn’t on the boat, but instead they had a magical portal inside a locked chest. You passed through the portal and found yourself on a desert island. You got the sword and returned it to Cepsis, returning once again to Dreamscape.

As part of her payment, she agreed to direct you to a great treasure. In a crystal ball she showed you a path through the wetlands to Irenicus’ tower. But the payment was not all you had hoped, because Irenicus detected the scrying and Cepsis showed the lot of you to him (while mocking him because he, apparently, was going to buy the sword from the pirates) and now Irenicus knows who you are.

Eventually you left Dreamscape again and returned to Toxer on 20 Freezing.


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