lower Whurnore (take 1)

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upper Whurnore

You made it to Whurnore and found that an undead prince wasn’t the only thing there. You were greeted by some creatures that were vaguely humanoid in shape, but made out of something like rock and with the facial features of something like a lobster. And, most importantly, they could pass through stone. They died, all the same. These tunnel thugs turned out to be led by a vampire that you were able to destroy after a lengthy battle. Sadly, though, it was obvious this vampire was not the undead duergar prince; it was a goblin.

It took some work, but you found the goblin’s treasure trove, high up in an alcove carved into a wall. You had to climb up to find it, but once there you found gold, and boots, and a wand.

necromancer's home

So on 30 Freezing you set out for the duergar necromancer’s place. On the way there you met a little fey-looking creature named Heziz who said that he had been the necromancer’s familiar and had been locked in the collapsed home until a group of goblins had expanded some nearby caves and burrowed in and found him. The goblin leader had already bound him not to escape and was going to make him her familiar. He did not want to be the familiar of an untalented goblin, so he claimed there was a way to the surface, and there was fabulous wealth, inside.

You successfully defeated the small goblin tribe in the outer set of recently dug caves, gaining a magical pick for your troubles. But inside the necromancer’s actual stronghold you had run into a dragon skeleton and impish creature that had bested you. After several tries you destroyed the dragon and drove off the imp. Sadly, however, there were no exits to the surface; the duergar had collapsed them.

So the only way out is to follow the drum’s path, from Whurnore to Thoduum. Bummer.

no way out

You asked Pyonter if he could think of anybody else in the Underdark who might know a way out. He could think of two: the whisper gnomes to the south, and Lum the Mad on the east side of the lake. You decided to first try the one not described as “mad.”

You did interact with them, but they were not especially friendly. In fact, Archimodar almost bit it. They inferred there was a way out of the duergar capital city, but they’ve never seen it themselves. They suspected that Lum the Mad would know, if anyone knew, and sent you gruffly on your way.

So you decided to try your hand with Lum. Things did not go well. He eventually went nuts and in the ensuing battle, you discovered he was a psion, and you killed him. You also discovered, however, a collection of duergard history texts that told you three important things.

(1) There is definitely an exit to the surface in the duergar capitol of Thoduum. Sadly, the only way to get to it is through a duergar puzzle wall.

(2) There is another exit in the collapsed home of a duergar necromancer. The duergar themselves destroyed the necromancer, but perhaps the exit is still there.

Leech explained duergar puzzle walls. The main implication is that you would have to follow the drum’s path to Thoduum, and that means starting in Whurnore and then crossing the underground lake.

This leads to important thing (3). Whurnore was occupied by the spirit of the dead prince given “a gruesome unlife.” And the lake holds an ancient evil. Bummer.


You track the surviving goblin for several hours along an underground passageway until you emerge onto a settlement. This turns out to be an abandoned duergar city on an underground lake.

A group of myconid have inhabited this village and, in order to stop the goblins and any more humans from following, they set of a cave-in that bloclks your passage out. You are trapped in the Underdark! You eventually make friends with the myconid, and solve a few of their problems, before meeting (on Freezing 24) a human druid named Pyonter. He is charged with protecting the underground ecosystem of the lake, and the myconids specifically. He tells you that the goblins are camped in the largest abandoned city (to the north). He gives you the general lay of the land, and who might be able to help you find a way out. He does not know a way out himself. (He was teleported in, and will be teleported out when he is done.)

hunting goblins

You returned to Toxer to find the town noticeably more nervous. A sing in the town square advertises the need for adventurers. Apparently, the goblin attacks on river traffic have increased and become noticeably more sophisticated. The city council promises you 1500gp if you eliminate the threat. You agree.

That same night you met Leatschleur Lumaine at an inn and he told you that he believes the goblins are encamped in the Underdark in one of the old duergar cities. The duergar cities hold a legendary (amongst bards, anyway) drum that he wants, and believes he can find. He will accompany you to defeat the bards, take a 1/5 share of the 1500 gp from the city council, the drum, and no other treasure.

You travel two days east upriver and find a burned-out river vessel. You track goblin raiders for one day going north, and fight and kill a small sortie of goblins guarding a hole. One escapes down the hole and you discover the hole is an entrance to the Underdark.

Silver Sword

The return from Hightower to Tol Dun and then on to Floatmeet was uneventful. But in the one night you need to stay in Floatmeet 17 Freezing a halfling named Jeedelar introduced himself and asked to hire you to retrieve something that belonged to his master. To meet his master you had to go with him to Dreamscape.

You agreed, and after performing a ritual, you were there. Jeedelar directed you and you eventually found yourselves in front of a ship of some sort. You entered and found a githyanki woman named Cepsis waiting for you. She wanted you to retrieve a silver sword that she said was an heirloom of her family. Pirates camped in Floatmeet were holding it. She gave you a rough layout of their ship, instructions where you could meet Jeedelar, and you agreed to do it.

You returned to Floatmeet, and following Cepsis’ directions, you fought your way onto the ship and discovered the sword wasn’t on the boat, but instead they had a magical portal inside a locked chest. You passed through the portal and found yourself on a desert island. You got the sword and returned it to Cepsis, returning once again to Dreamscape.

As part of her payment, she agreed to direct you to a great treasure. In a crystal ball she showed you a path through the wetlands to Irenicus’ tower. But the payment was not all you had hoped, because Irenicus detected the scrying and Cepsis showed the lot of you to him (while mocking him because he, apparently, was going to buy the sword from the pirates) and now Irenicus knows who you are.

Eventually you left Dreamscape again and returned to Toxer on 20 Freezing.

Hightower trip

You gathered your things together and traveled to Hightower. This involved a raft trip through the wetlands to Floatmeet, and then hiring a ship to take you to Tol Dun. This was all uneventful. In Tol Dun, you hired a guide to take you to Hightower. (It’s something of a cottage industry in Tol Dun since there isn’t a proper road to Hightower.) The guide’s name was Pig, and the name fit.

On the way there, a thunderstorm rolled in and: (1) Pig was struck by lightning and instantly killed, and (2) you were forced to take shelter in a small cave in a nearby tor.

You discovered this tor was the burial mound of a bugbear king. You fought the baddies there and came out with a few notable goodies: a ring of translation, a belt of lifting, and a headband of iron will.

Later, you made it to Hightower, and discovered you mirror is made of demonsteel. Some demonsteel is now found in treasure hoards around the world, but finding two demonsteel mirrors with the same eyes looking out of them is certainly not a coincidence. They didn’t know what it meant, but they were sure it meant something.

Getting into a Book

You gathered your things together and got hired to go up and down the river on the raft as protection. The four-day trip upriver to Icy Pass Falls was uneventful.

In Icy Pass Falls you quickly find your way to the bookstore (the Dusty Shelf) and go in. There, in a display of fabulously bad luck, you end up falling into a book.

This book, you later learn is called Treacin’s Text, and it works something like this. Every “page” represents a scenario in a unique setting. On that page you had to find an odd creature called Boggle, and then you would enter the next page. Each scenario gave you a clue that was then used in the final scenario. You fought orcs on an icy shore, fought undead in an abandoned ziggurat, battled tasloi in a jungle, and finally fought modrons in an alien temple. At the center of this temple you solved several puzzles that set you free from the book.

Once free from the book, you got the book the treasure the djinn promised, a book as payment for the sages of Hightower, and left. On thr trip back you were attacked by goblins, but you fought them off and safely returned to Toxer.

Mad Millie

Papa examined the mirror frame and thought it was something that the sages of Hightower might understand. But a consultation with the sages has a cost. The cost is one book, and there is no bookstore in Toxer. The nearest bookstore is in Icy Pass Falls, so you planned to travel by river raft up there.

However, the night before you were planning to go, a local madwoman known as Mad Millie accosted you and blew some unknown powder into your face. That night, you had a collective group dream and together entered Dreamscape. Millie was there with you and together she showed you an interesting stone sphere that she called the Pool Ball. Together there you found a group of some degenerate humanoids (that appeared rather demonic) emerging from one color pool and passing into another. You figured out how it works, and by successfully freeing a djinn, you thwarted the plans of whoever was trafficking in those demon-like things. You don’t know whose plans you thwarted, but you did see another of the mirrors with an odd bloody frame. The green eyes looked back at you, and declared you to be officially “a bother.” A hand emerged from the mirror, and smashed the glass, just like before. The djinn, in thanks for his freedom, told you of a treasure he has stored in a book in Icy Pass Falls, which just so happens to be where you were going before you woke up in Dreamscape.

You left the Pool Ball to and found several giants, that bludgeoned you to death. You woke up in your beds.


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