The year is made of 9 months of 36 days each. Each month is broken into 6 weeks of 6 days. The months are, in order: Lowsun, Blowing, Firstbreak, Blooming, Highsun, Raining, Freezing, Hoarding, Loviatar’s Whip.

Each month is perfectly aligned with the calendar, and the first of the month is always a new moon, and the 18th of the month is a new moon. The days of the week do not have formal names, and people either refer to the day by its number (first day, third day, etc.) or they order them by the spectrum, that is, first day is called “red”, second day is called “orange,” etc.

Years are given names based on the positions of two moons. The smaller moon goes in an eleven-year cycle. The names are based on eleven stages of life. Each year is called: birth, play, theft, learn, argue, work, teach, judge, regret, rest, and death.

The second, much larger moon is all black and is only seen in the night sky by what it covers. It travels in a five-year cycle. In the first year, called “half” is only half above the horizon. Tonly a quarter above the horizon. This year is also called “evil.” The third year is called “gone” and the moon is below the horizon entirely. This year is also called “chaos.” In the fourth year the moon is up high in the sky and this year is called “high” and is also known as “good.” The last year of the five-year cycle has the moon just barely over the horizon and is called “tip” or “mystery.”

To the most learned of sages this year is numbered 3487, but to most is is “low teach” or “evil teach.” This suggests an evil is being re-learned or is rising up. The next five years are, respectively: chaos judge, good regret, mystery rest, law death, and evil play.


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